Monash Workshop on the Metaphysics of Time

On Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th November 2012, Monash University Philosophy will host a workshop on the metaphysics of time. Attendance is free, though space is limited; to register, please contact


The talks will be held at the Monash Conference Centre (level 7, Seminar room 1), which is at 30 Collins St in the Melbourne CBD. Parliament is the most convenient station.

Provisional Schedule:

Tuesday 27th November

9.30am – Tea/Coffee

10.00am – Neil McKinnon (Monash) – ‘Truthmaking: How many options do presentists really have?’

11.15am – Rohan French (Monash) – ‘An Argument for the Ontological Innocence of Mereology’

12.30pm – Lunch (own arrangements)

1.45pm – Paul Daniels (Monash) – ‘Occupy Wall: A Mereological Puzzle for Endurantism Addressed’

3.00pm – Jonathan Simon (ANU) – ‘Endurants are Universals’

4.15pm – Break

4.30pm – Bradley Monton (Colorado) – ‘Three Conundrums for the Presentist: Consciousness, Physics, Time Travel’

5.45pm – Finish

7.00pm – Workshop dinner (Panama Dining Room, 231 Smith St, level 3)

Wednesday 28th November

9.45am – Tea/Coffee

10.30am – Rachael Briggs (ANU) – ‘Chancy Counterfactuals’

11.45am – Samuel Baron (Sydney) -‘Time and Mathematical Explanation’

1.00pm – Lunch (own arrangements)

2.30pm – Alastair Wilson (Monash) – ‘The Quantum Doomsday Argument’

3.45pm – Daniel Nolan (ANU) – ‘Indeterminacy and Essence’

5.00pm – Finish


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